Here are some thinkers, websites, retailers and businesses I vibe with and want to share with you.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:
Cutting edge vibrational remedies. These changed my life and have been the mainstay of my business ever since. You can read about the First Light® essences on your bottle, find out about training and read all about how the age of vibration and vibrational healing is here now.

Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic And Esoteric Studies®:
I have undertaken all of these programs and rites of passage. For anyone who is seeking deeper meaning in life, a more authentic connection with themselves, more power and autonomy, do have a look at what’s available here for your personal and spiritual growth.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber:
My teacher, guide and mentor for the last 20+ years. Franchelle is a pure genius and has produced some of the most amazing, mind-blowing healing and transformation programs and systems that I’ve ever seen. Restoring the pathway to self-mastery for all who seek it.

Teal Swan:
Teal is a bit ‘controversial’ but I find her no-nonsense and highly accessible missives to be a breath of fresh air in the ‘new age’ waffly world. Her meditations are great (and free or low cost) and her YouTube channel is full of HEAPS of great videos on numerous topics.

Mark Manson:
Author of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’, Mark offers really down to earth advice on living a less shitty life. His weekly newsletter is one of the few I subscribe to.

Like Astrology? Check these people out. I’m pretty fussy about my astrologers 😊 – here’s a few I find to be of sound mind.

Jessica Adams:
I love her weekly and monthly horoscopes.

Jamie Partridge:
A comprehensive website, Jamie has a ‘mathematical’ and kind of sciencey approach, and there’s lots to read here about mundane astrology and current events. Always something new and interesting to find on this website.

Steven Forrest:
One of the elders of the modern astrology movement. Steven is gentle, genius, intelligent and inspiring.


  • - I use this website for my readings – it’s solid.
  • – Excellent, career astrologer.
  • The Pattern and Astromatrix are great astrology phone apps.
  • Looking for Oracles? There are a gazillion out there, but here’s a couple of my favourites.

    My top pick is Jonathan Zap’s Zap Oracle:
    This is such a thoughtful, DEEP and beautifully written strange website/oracle. Taoist at its core, Jonathon has expanded on Taoist principles, illustrated them and recently added video content for some of the cards. I’ve been visiting this site for at least a decade and it never disappoints.

    Alana Fairchild:
    Alana’s work is vast and comprehensive, encompassing all things feminine and goddess. A really great interface, different decks to choose from and beautiful artwork as well.


    There are so many people reading tarot on YouTube, they could populate a city! I don’t have the stomach to check too many out, but I have come across two readers who I enjoy popping on while I address envelopes, print labels and do other admin tasks. Both are dudes... not sure why.

  • – A very busy tarot man. Has some good insights about things in general that I enjoy.
  • – Another busy tarot man. Lovely voice, very skilled at being connected to his audience – great props and general vibe.